Do robotic arms try and hug me?
No, you will not be strangled by robot! The hug feels like a soothing vibration: meant to trigger the same hormonal response you receive from a hug, not replicate it with moving arms.

How quickly are the hugs sent?
Hugs are currently sent in real time and arrive instantaneously.

Is Parihug only for children?
Parihug is suitable for anyone who misses someone ages three and up, and perfect for family members around the globe, military families, long-distance couples, and grandparents.

When will it be available?
Parihug will be coming to Kickstarter on April of 2017. Sign up on our mailing list to stay updated!

How much will cost?
The cost will be around $75 for just one Pari.

Do you need buy two?
You need to purchase two Pari, one for each end of communication. After connecting a Pari, users can hug using the app if they are unable to travel.

What devices are supported?
The app currently supports devices with iOS 10, with Android support coming in the future.

Is it TSA approved?
Pari does not use lithium-ion/polymer batteries and can be taken on aircraft without any problem.

Can you wash it?
Remove the electronics and Pari is machine washable!

What languages are supported?
The Parihug app is currently in English and has both Spanish and French support coming soon.